2010+ Camaro RS V6 Volant Cold Air Intake (Cotton Gauze Filter)


Model Number: 415036

With 312 horsepower under the hood, V-6 Camaro owners asked Volant to create a Cold Air Intake System that provides additional performance and filtration, similar to the company’s popular V-8 Camaro intake. Although Volant’s V-6 Camaro intake looks similar to the V-8 version, it’s specifically designed for the V-6 engine. The intake incorporates smooth contours and an optimum tubing diameter to provide higher air velocity and greater volume. The large air filter box fits up against the factory inner fender to seal out engine heat and provides access to the windshield washer reservoir tank.

2010 to present V-6 Camaro owners have the option of two different filters. Volant intake #415036 comes with the Donaldson PowerCore® filter that’s 99.99 percent efficient, flows more air than paper element filters and lasts up to 100,000 miles without ever needing to be cleaned or oiled. Part# 15036 comes with Volant’s Primo five-layer cotton/gauze filter that provides superior flow with added layers of protection over standard cotton/gauze filters.

Both air intakes are made from X-link polyethylene plastic and use high-grade silicone sleeves and stainless steel clamps that aren’t affected from long-term exposure to engine heat.

Weight 1 oz


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