82-02 Fbody UMI Performance Aftermarket Rear End Sway Bar Installation Kit- Stock Rear


Model Number: 2244-275
UMI Performance

If you have an aftermarket rear end and no way to install a rear sway, this kit is the solution. This kit includes everything needed to install a factory or aftermarket sway bar to your new rear end. Supplied with this kit is new bolt on CNC machined bushings mounts, heavy duty zinc plated chrome moly u-bolts and longer end links. This kit places the sway bar below the larger center section on aftermarket rear ends and provides proper clearance. The supplied longer end links provide the proper geometry of the rear sway in its new mounting location. Note: This kit will also work on adapting a rear sway bar to vehicles that were not supplied with a sway bar from the factory.

Installation: This kit is a 100% bolt in application for the 82-02 Camaro/Firebird, it requires no welding! The sway bar mounts feature CNC machined teeth designed to grip into the rear end securely fastening the sway bar in place. With out these teeth the sway bar mounts may shift on the rear end binding the sway bar end links and applying pressure to them. Unlike our competitors design our sway bar mounts also feature gussets welded on each end to prevent the brackets from spreading while tightening.

Polyurethane Sway Bar Bushings: Due to the larger u-bolts needed for aftermarket rear ends the factory sway bar bushings and clamshells will not work. This kit requires polyurethane bushings that feature larger slots for a universal fit. We have these bushings available in 19mm and 22mm, if you purchased an aftermarket sway bar it most likely was supplied with these bushings.

Kit Includes:

  • CNC machined sway bar mounts with grip teeth and gussets
  • Correct diameter heavy duty chrome moly u-bolts
  • Longer Energy Suspension polyurethane end links

Axle Tube Diameters:

  • Strange Engineering and Currie rear ends use 3” diameter axle tubes
  • Moser Engineering 12-bolt rear ends use 3” diameter axle tubes
  • Moser Engineering 9” rear ends manufactured after early 2002 use 3” axle tubes. Rear ends manufactured prior to early 2002 use 3.25” axle tubes. Please verify diameter before ordering.
  • Other brand rear ends will vary, please check your axle tube diameter before ordering.
Weight 1 oz


Poly Sway Bar Bushings

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2 reviews for 82-02 Fbody UMI Performance Aftermarket Rear End Sway Bar Installation Kit- Stock Rear

  1. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 2 reviews )

    Jamie Boulanger (verified owner)

    kind of kicking myself for buying the spohn kit as i have the stock rear end, and the spohn kit is for 3″ inch axles and i can tell the sway bar is moving around more than it should be…NOW umi makes one for stock rear ends…good things come to those who wait, haha ;P

  2. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 2 reviews )

    john singler (verified owner)

    This is one heavy duty kit………the stocker looks sooooo wimpy compared to this brute…….there are no instructions in the kit…..I ended up grinding off the stock tabs on the bottom of the axle where the stockers were aligned………that was a PITA……it does lower the sway bar from where it was compared to the stocker so that may or may not help you in your application……..very worth while add to your rear suspension

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