82-02 UMI LCA Relocation Brackets


Model Number: 2010
UMI Performance

Reposition your instant center by changing your lower control arm angle for improved traction. Brackets lower the rear of the control arm up to 3″, a must for all lowered vehicles to correct lost suspension geometry. By lowering your vehicle, you are changing the lower control arm angle allowing the rear mounting point to sit higher than the front. This will, in return, cause wheel hop and a great deal of traction loss.

Lowered Vehicles: We do not recommend lowering a 3rd or 4th generation F-Body without lower control arm relocation brackets due to the compromise in the geometry on the instant center. Brackets will significantly improve instant center position, eliminate wheel hop and increase traction. Brackets installed will also help 60-foot times of .10 or better, lower ETs and increase track consistency–a must for all lowered vehicles!

Non-Lowered Vehicles: Product installed on a stock height vehicle will also see a great increase in traction by lowering the rearward angle of the lower control arm, allowing more force to be placed on the rear tires. Relocation brackets have two settings to allow the lower control arm to be lowered either 2″ or 3″, depending on your preference. Settings are placed in a correct pattern that will allow use of all OEM control arms or any aftermarket control arm (brackets do not require a longer control arm.) Brackets installed on a non-lowered F-Body provide a .10 or better 60-foot; reduction and an increase in track consistency.

Note: Only works on stock rear ends. Please call for Moser or 9″ applications.

Installation: Brackets are Weld-in only and install in approximately 1 – 1? hours. All hardware and installation instructions are included with each kit.

Weight 1 oz


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