82-92 Fbody UMI Performance Front Weight Jack System – 1050lb – Race


Model Number: 2065-3
UMI Performance

UMI’s competition 3rd Gen F-Body front weight jack system replaces the factory spring with a tough, adjustable weight jack bucket and a custom wound ultra-premium performance spring. This kit gives up to 2-½” lowering from factory height. The adjustment bucket features an extra thick ¼” base to resist bending under the force of competition. Ultra-smooth ride height adjustment with our acme bolt and industry exclusive thrust bearing system means easier ride height changes at the track. Bending potential is reduced by the thrust bearing system which also helps spread the load over a large surface area. Custom designed 1050 lb/in springs offer a firm ride suitable for auto-x, road race and back road corner carving as well as spirited daily driving (if you don’t mind a firm ride). The 2065-3 kit gives the ride height adjustability of a coilover while still allowing maximum tire clearance around the strut. Works great with the UMI Afco strut, Viking strut or Koni strut. This kit is available in UMI gloss black or red powder coat. 100% manufactured, tested and race proven in the USA.


Great choice for competition use.

Strong ¼” thick construction, CNC laser cut USA steel.

Acme thread and thrust bearing for easy ride height adjustment.

0 to 2-½” lowering.

Adjustment completed easily with ratchet and ¾” socket.

Anti-rotation tab.

1050 lb/in premium racing spring.

Allows independent front corner weight tuning.

Maintains factory clearance around the strut and allows maximum tire and wheel width.

Pairs nicely with UMI Afco, Viking, or Koni strut. Also works with factory strut.

Fits UMI K-member and Factory K-member. May not work on other brands.

Manufactured, tested and race proven in the USA.




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