83-92 Spohn Steering Brace


Model Number: 995/996
Spohn Performance

The Spohn Performance tubular steering brace is an upgraded, stronger version of the “Wonder Bar” that was standard equipment on many of the IROC and 1LE cars. No longer available through GM, Spohn decided to design their own version of this vital piece of equipment.

This brace is designed to stiffen the front sub-frame and reinforce the steering box mount. This area is well known to be problematic on the third generation F cars. The tubular steering brace will not only provide for firmer steering response, but it will prevent the sub-frame stress cracking problem caused by the flex of the steering box. That’s why the “Wonder Bar” is considered a must do upgrade on any third generation F-Body.

Constructed of 1.25″ x .120″ dom tubing and laser cut 3/16″ mounting brackets. Spohn’s laser cut mounting brackets are designed to work with OEM front sway bar bushings with the locator tabs and bushing to frame inserts, they will also work with the universal style aftermarket polyurethane bushings.

The adjustable version of the tubular steering brace uses a 3/4-16 right and left hand threaded double male adjuster placed in the center of the brace that threads into 4130 chrome moly TIG welded threaded tube adapters, for easy on-car pre-load adjustment.

Is the adjustment a gimmick? Honestly, a resounding no. Spohn built one of these after a serious brain storming session just to see what it would do. They were quite honestly amazed at the crisp steering response it provided, so they decided to offer it as an option. What the adjustment allows you to do is place pre-loaded tension onto the front sub frames. It makes for a very tight front end!

Available powder coated bright red or gloss black.

Picture shows both the adjustable and non-adjustable versions. Please make your selection below.

Note: Will not fit 1982 F-Body or 1989 Turbo Trans-Am.

Weight 1 oz





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