93-02 LS1/LT1/V6 Earl’s Solo-Bleed Brake Bleeders (Rear Pair)


Model Number: 280022ERL

Brake bleeding has always been an inconvenient and messy job…until now! The time honored manual method of bleeding brakes (still universally used in racing) requires two people: one to pump the pedal, and another to open and close each bleed screw in sequence. Proper procedure and coordination are required to prevent air from being introduced into the braking system.

Earl’s SOLO-BLEED? bleeder screws are a direct replacement for the original equipment bleeders and allow one person to safely bleed brakes without a mess and with no chance of air inclusion.

This is for one pair of rear bleeders for all 93-02 LS1, LT1, and V6 cars.

Weight 1 oz


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