93-02 UMI Perf. F-Body C5 Brake Conversion Kit W/Power Slot Rotors


Model Number: 2120B2
UMI Performance

93-02 UMI Performance F-Body C5 Brake Conversion Kit

This complete kit includes all hardware and components needed to complete the C5 brake conversion on any 93-02 F-Body.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Set- UMI Performance?s Aluminum Conversion Brackets
  • (1) Set- New GM PBR Pressure Cast Corvette Front Calipers
  • (1) Set- Hawk HPS Front Brake Pads
  • (1) Set- Front Corvette C5 Power Slot Rotors
  • All new GM mounting hardware including new banjo bolts, guide pins,
    washers and rubber boots

  • Detailed Installation Instructions

Note: To install brackets both LT1 and LS1 spindles require modifications. This simple modification can be done while the spindle is on the car and requires a small amount of cutting. LS1 models require less cutting than LT1 models.

Benefits of Running the C5 Set Up

1. Larger Rotors: The larger rotor absorbs and radiates more heat, the C5 rotor is 1? larger then the LS1 rotor and 2? larger then the LT1 rotor.

2. C5 Rotors are directional unlike the LT1 and LS1 set ups. C5 rotors feature fins designed to advance air flow allowing better cooling.

3. Many brake pad and rotor options are available for all types of driving

4. The C5 calipers are pressure cast not gravity cast; this helps increase caliper life

5. Unlike other brake set ups, C5 components can be purchased at any parts store. This eliminates down time when an item may fail or require quick replacement.


This kit requires a minimum of a 17? wheel for clearance. All 1996 and newer 17? wheels will fit correctly with this kit. If you are running a different wheel set up please research fitment before purchasing.

The following wheels will NOT clear with the conversion kit, they may clear with the correct wheel spacers:

  • 1. Enkei Win- 17? x 9.5?
  • 2. 93-94 SLP Firehawk wheel- 17? x 9?
  • 3. Borbet Type T- 17? x 9.5?
  • 4. Forgeline RS Reverse Rim

Please choose your color of calipers below.

Weight 1 oz



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