93-02 UMI Tunnel Brace Mounted Torque Arm – Long Tube Header Set


Model Number: 2202
UMI Performance

Redesigned and now offered with instant center adjustment!

This torque arm is now supplied with pivot brackets that allow (2) settings to allow easy instant center adjustment. By simply moving the torque arm into the next location you can automatically change the instant center point of the vehicle. This is very crucial on low to mid horse-power cars and can easily lower 60-foot times.

This unit is designed with a drop down front cross member to clear most to all aftermarket header/y-pipe set-ups on the market. This system has been confirmed to clear with Hooker Header/y-pipe system, Pacesetter headers with Pacesetter y-pipe and TSP y-pipe also SLP header/y-pipe system as well as many others. If you are running Kooks long tube header set-up we recommend our other version since this system tucks up very nicely.

Front Drive Shaft Loop- This item is not supplied with a built in drive shaft loop. Please see item # 2203 for this torque arm with built in front drive shaft loop.

Item Will Not Fit- This item may not clear the QTP y-pipe, please check before purchasing.

Description- Track abuse, street abuse, or just flat-out abuse, this torque arm is designed to handle it all! Eliminate unwanted traction problems by adding a UMI Performance Tunnel Braced Mounted Torque Arm. This aftermarket torque arm replaces the flimsy weak stock torque arm adding strength, rigidity and eliminating flex. Our torque arm design relocates the front torque arm mounting point off the transmission tail shaft protecting the transmission and preventing damage. A shorter torque arm improves weight transfer on acceleration. General Motors tail shaft mounted design works great for a stock driven vehicle however it is not designed to take abuse. This set-up bolts to existing floor pan holes using 0.500” thick mild steel CNC machined mounting plates and metric grade 10.9 hardware. The complete cross brace is constructed of 0.120” thick rectangular tubing and attaches to the torque arm using 0.250” thick mild steel mounting pivot plates with Grade 8 hardware. The torque arm is attached to the supplied cross brace using an Energy Suspension polyurethane bushing set-up on both the supplied cross brace and torque arm. Polyurethane was chosen as a mounting point to keep road noise at a minimum and eliminate unwanted “clunks” found with other set-ups available. The grease-able polyurethane bushings absorb road irregularities and protect noise from entering the passenger compartment. The rear mounts feature 0.375” thick CNC machined mounting plates and are appropriately drilled to fit your stock rear as well as aftermarket 12-Bolt and 9” Rear-end housings. This set-up requires no welding or drilling and can be installed with basic hand tools; this is a complete bolt-in design.

Torque Arm Benefits:

  • Removes torque arm from transmission tail shaft protecting from damage
  • Eliminates wheel hop and solves traction problems
  • Reduces front end nose dive during braking
  • Allows for on-car pinion angle adjustments
  • Polyurethane bushings designed to keep road noise at a minimum
  • Front mounting point utilizes a grease-able pivot point
  • Bolt-on design requires no welding or drilling!

Build Features:

  • Constructed of 1.250” x 0.120” DOM Seamless Steel Tubing
  • Front Cross Member uses 0.120” x 2.000” Rectangular Tubing
  • TIG Welded 4140 Chrome Moly Tube Adaptors
  • On-Car Adjuster Built using 4140 Chrome Moly Steel and Heat Treated
    for Maximum Strength

  • Front Pivot Mount is supplied with Grade 8 Mounting Hardware and
    Locking Nuts

  • All Polyurethane Bushings are Grease-able to Prolong Bushing Life
  • All Mounting plates are CNC Machined to insure hole to hole accuracy
  • Rear Mounting Plates use 0.375” Thick Mild Steel and are designed to
    fit Stock as well as 12- Bolt and 9” Rear-End Housings.

  • Rear Mounts feature Solid QA1 ¾” Rod Ends and are attached using
    Grade 8 Hardware

  • Brilliant Durable Powder Coat

Chrome Moly- Chrome Moly version uses 1.250″ x 0.095″ 4130 Chrome Moly steel feature 100% TIG welded process. This adds increased strength and reduces product weight, recommended for vehicles running 10.50’s and faster in the ¼ mile.

Rear Torque Arm Hardware Kit- We highly recommend purchasing a new hardware kit if running this torque arm on a stock rear-end, Strange or other similar rear-ends that use a straight through bolt design. OEM torque arm bolts will work however are slightly too short and may not work correctly. If you are running a Moser Engineering 12-Bolt rear-end this kit is not needed, you must reuse hardware supplied by Moser Engineering. This kit however is recommend for the Moser 9”.

3 reviews for 93-02 UMI Tunnel Brace Mounted Torque Arm – Long Tube Header Set

  1. Rated 3 out of 5
    ( 3 reviews )

    lucas mesa

    i installed this piece on my stock 02ss, m6, with no noticeable improvement in traction, i would say this part was a bust for the occasional racer like myself. also hangs too low, my car is lowered and its unbearable, and it also hits the floorboard when down shifting hard.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 3 reviews )

    Lionel Pitts (verified owner)

    I’ll start with the good. If you feel like you have traction issues on the tires you are using and do not have one of these, you need to get one. I am using nitto 555s and they suck on the street when it is cold like this winter. Anything in the 40s or below make my 350rwhp car feel like a 600rwhp(tire smoke show) car and that is when it is bone dry outside. The only change I have recently made was this tq arm. Once adjusted to the way I wanted it, -3 pinion angle (02 SS M6 vert, btw), I DEFINITELY noticed traction gains. Proper adjustment is very important with this part. So what I call proper adjustment means using the top holes on the tunnel mount, getting the pinion angle to -3, and making sure every bolt is tight on this thing. BENEFITS:_ Definitely gained traction.

    Negatives_ The instructions were decent at best. You get a whole page of over explained mediocre instructions that do not tell you every thing you need to know. If you look closely at the picture of this part you will see 2 bolts holding the tq arm to the mounting plate on the rear end. Well you’ll end up installing this tq arm twice to get it right. If you install it like the directions say you’ll end up with a lot more noise inside the car than normal.

    By installing twice you’ll first need to install it. Set your angle. Remove entire tq arm again. Tighten tq arm bolts that attach it to the mounting plate of the rear end. IF YOU DO NOT IT WILL BE NOISY and make you feel like your car is falling apart.

    So the negatives are added noise and that’s the main one.

    Just a tip: Go ahead and put the front of the tq arm on the top hole on the tunnel mount, otherwise you’re just wasting your time. Make sure it is there when you’re setting your pinion angle too.

    From a pure performance standpoint 5stars. It works.

    BTW, only rear suspension mods I had before this was lower control arms, lower control arm relocation brackets, umi adjustable panhard rod, and a strano sway bar. Then I added the tq arm and got my traction:)

    If you want quiet get the transmission mounted adjustable one. btw, this one is not painfully loud or anything but you will notice a sound every now and then.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 3 reviews )

    John Calahan (verified owner)

    Just installed on stock height 02 Ws6 M6, with Heads/Cam/all the bolt-ons/4.10 gears. I bought this T/A mainly for the fact of moving the arm off of my transmission, and to increase traction. And it sure delivered the traction, I usually would spin with 1st and 2nd gear pulls with 275 Nitto 555R II’s on the back, but after a few test runs an launches I get immediate traction from any speed/gear. There is a slight whine that mimics rearend gear whine if you set the pinion angle from -1.5 to -2.5+ but it is acceptable for the performance delivered, and the safety in knowing your transmission tail shaft is in no more danger. Overall this product is among the better of investments since it offers performance and reliability all in one. Thanks

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