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93-97 LT1 Stage 8 Locking Header Bolts (3/4″ Length)


Model Number: 8911
Stage 8

Stage 8 locking bolts are your best insurance against mechanical failures. They hold bolts tight, and in place. The popular locking header bolts are the best way to keep your headers free from exhaust leaks and blown header gaskets. These bolts will NEVER loosen until you remove them. Visually inspectable, reusable, and your best bet against noises, leaks, and power loss.

For more info on how these work, please visit this page for pictures and descriptions.

You get a complete set of bolts – enough for one car. The bolts are 3/8″ X 16 X 3/4″ in size and have 6-pt double hex heads with patented groovelock technology.

Also available for a few dollars more are the 1″ length bolt. The 1″ length seems to work better for most people as it ‘grabs’ more threads in the head and are less prone to stripping as you tighten the bolts. Click HERE

Weight 1 oz


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