98-02 LS1 Zoom HP Clutch/Flywheel Kit


Model Number: HP701851
Zoom Clutches

This Clutch is designed to hold up over time against high rpm loads & high heat. They are recommended for street/strip applications. The KEVLAR disc included in Zooms ?HP? series kits put the power of KEVLAR on both sides of the disc. Thats right, Dual-Sided! This allows you room for serious cam, intake, exhaust, and cylinder head modifications with the added benefit of outlasting a stock clutch. KEVLAR? gives you the coefficient of friction and anti-wear characteristics of ceramic without the extremely harsh engagement and flywheel scarring.

This Complete Kit Includes: Disc, Pressure Plate, Billet Steel Flywheel, TO Bearing, Pilot Bushing, & Alignment Tool.

Weight 1 oz


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