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LS1 Comp Cams LSR Cathedral Port Cam (231/239 113LSA) 5.7L-6.2L


Model Number: 54-459-11
Comp Cams

Over three years in the making, the new COMP Cams® LSR™ Camshafts are a new line-up of hydraulic roller camshafts featuring our most modern lobe designs for popular GM LS engines. Designed specifically for radical street performance and all-out race applications, these aggressive profile cams take advantage of today’s newer and better flowing after market cylinder heads. The COMP Cams® LSR™ Camshafts feature higher exhaust duration and overall lift, making them the right choice for engine builders looking for the most advanced camshaft designs you can purchase in an off-the-shelf cam.

  • Increased exhaust duration & overall lift for radical street & all-out race engines
  • Broadest power band & most top-end power of any LS cams ever created by COMP®
  • Modern, aggressive lobe profiles – more aggressive than XFI™ Cams
  • Performs well with both cathedral & rectangle port GM LS cylinder heads
  • Designed specifically for use with the new #26926 Ultra Dual Valve Springs
  • Three-bolt timing gear cams as found in many GM LS1, -2, -6 & -7 engines

Int. 231 Ext. 239 Lift Int. .617 Exh. .624 LSA 113°

Made specifically for 5.7L-6.2L LSX Engines

Weight 1 oz


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