Monster Clutch Level 2 Clutch LSX Engine 12″ Package – 2010+ Camaro (525hp)


Model Number: MONCLUTCHLVL2-2
Monster Clutch

Monster’s Level 2 clutch is one of the best dual friction clutches on the market today! They’ve built this thing off of their successful Level 3 clutch and have had fantastic results! What do you get? How about a 525hp/tq rating out of a clutch that has a butter-smooth engagement? Do a lot of “roll racing”? Take a look.

They take everything the market told them about the dual friction discs and they threw it out the window. The foundation of this clutch is their tried-and-true Heavy Duty pressure plate; from there they went to work. With their 12” dual friction disc in between it and the SFI certified billet steel flywheel they felt confident! The dual friction disc offers a higher coefficient of friction on the pressure plate side, yet still retains the organic material on the flywheel side to help maintain that butter-smooth engagement. What you get is a clutch that will withstand all the “roll racing” you can dish out (up to 525hp/tq) and still get you home in one piece.

This clutch is rated at 525hp/tq. It will take a beating on the street but is not designed nor intended for prolonged racing. The organic material on the flywheel side lacks the proper coefficient of friction to take a beating at the track. This clutch should be used predominantly on the street with only a handful of track outings a year.

The Basic Package includes the following:

H.D. pressure plate, 12″ dual friction disc, 28lbs SFI certified billet steel flywheel or a 18lbs light weight billet flywheel (your choice), pilot bearing, release bearing, and alignment tool.


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